Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.....Right?

Just a disclaimer:  I sadly have had little time lately, busybusybusy.  We have started moving, and though we have the luxury of not having to move all at once, we also have the inconvenience of not moving all at once.  SO much work to be done, and all when I was already very busy, as you will also read below.  Also, the wonderful house has a wonderous colony of ants invading the lovely new kitchen……battle for dominance has begun. And now, on with your previously scheduled post.

So, I guess it has been more than a  month since I’ve updated.  I have been crazy busy, and really don’t know quite why.  Seems like life has gone all topsy-turvy lately.  Anyone else feeling that, or is it just me? 

So much has been happening this year.  One thing remains constant, great stories.  I read somewhere recently that a good book reviewer does not only do good reviews.  I can see this point; however, I don’t really consider myself a reviewer.  I consider myself someone who likes sharing great stories with people.  If I don’t like a book, I usually don’t say anything about it unless asked.  Therefore, if you want to know about books I didn’t like, well, you’ll have to ask, or it’ll have to be pretty bad.  Generally though, I don’t waste time reading something that doesn’t hold my attention.  I have so many books on my TBR list that to waste time reading something I don’t like seems silly to me. 

Now you know why you don’t see bad reviews on my blog. 

Recently, I got my hands on an ARC (advanced reading copy), or galley of Sweetly, by Jackson Pearce.  This is a modern re-telling (loosely) of Hansel and Gretel.  Twelve years ago Gretchen’s twin sister disappeared when they and their older brother Ansel were out in the woods at night.  (see?  Ansel, and Gretchen?)  The story of the night she disappeared is told in the prologue, and oh. my. goodness.  was that an attention grabbing way of beginning the book.  It had just the right amount of suspense, mystery, detail, and really left me wanting more.  Thankfully there was more.  When their car breaks down, the two find themselves stuck in a very small town in South Carolina where the residents are distrustful of strangers.  They are taken in by Sophia, a beautiful, and cheery candy maker with a small house and chocolatier on the outskirts of town.  Sophia and her shop of sweet delights may or may not be more than they seem.