Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh Frabjous Day!

Callooh! Callay!

I did it! I finished my book!  I know that it isn't finished finished, but....huzzah!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Life, The Universe, and Everything

*Credit for the title of this post must go to the genius, and sadly late Douglas Adams.  I was going to post some Vogon poetry in honor of National Poetry Month, but April came and went with nary a blog post....*sigh*  Life has been quite busy, as it tends to be.  Working and living, and having a busy son and two grandbabies can really be quite time-consuming.  This is not a complaint.  Nor is it an excuse.  It just is.

I am nearing completion of my WIP (I hope).  I will admit that I have considered sending my query to the agent I have scoped out as the one (at least, the first one....I'm being quite hopeful by saying "the one", I realize this.) just to spur me into working harder.  I realized however that this could be quite disastrous.  What if I suddenly realize that it is totally written in the wrong POV and that I really need to change the entire thing?  What if I never feel finished with it, and therefore never send the query?  *shudder*  *deep breath*  It will be fine.  It will.  All in good time.  But it has been SO long, and I really just want to put this one out there and get on with writing down more of the many ideas vying for my attention.  On the other hand, I do want it to be the best that I can make it before I put my fate in the hands of someone who I hope can really make my dreams of moving from "writer" to "published author" happen.

Life happens, and will hopefully continue to happen for some time to come.  The struggle is to make the best use of the time we are allotted.  Sometimes the day job becomes too time consuming and I feel as though I wish I could step away, or cut back my hours.  Alas, there are bills to pay, and it really is a job that I enjoy, which is not something everyone can say.  And so I struggle to balance my time between writing, working, family, and sleeping.  As evinced by the blog of nearly every writer, this is a difficult and common struggle.  I am not unique in this balancing act.  Whenever I am frustrated, I remind myself that Stephen King, in the early days, wrote while working a pretty disgusting job to support his family.  This helps.  (*if you haven't read On Writing, I highly recommend it)I would really love to take a survey and ask how many out there have read Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn, but as I rarely get comments, this would be like asking myself the question.  Yes, I have read it many times and it remains one of my very favorite books.  Ever.  It is so beautifully written.  Achingly, beautifully, hauntingly wonderful book.  I love the animated film adaptation as well (though I do prefer the book).  I love the soundtrack by America.  I love the non-computerized animation.  I love the casting.  I could go on.  The problem (and it really isn't a huge problem) is that I feel like hardly anyone I know has read this amazing book.  It seems popular judging from the internet, so how is it that most of the people I am in contact with (the ones who read, that is) have not read it?  I once gave a friend a copy as a gift....I'm pretty sure she still hasn't read it.  I know that if and when she does she will exclaim "why did I not read this sooner?  how have I missed this until now?"  I will just shrug and say "I did tell you."

Confession:  I have lost many hours in the last week to daydream planning my UK visit....there are some amazing places in this world that I long to see with my own eyes, and not merely via Google is the only thing holding me back.  If anyone out there is interested in sponsoring my travel fund (or providing one where none now exists), please do let me know.  All I ask is unlimited travel.  I don't need luxury accommodations, I would really make good use of every dollar.  Really, I could make it pay for itself eventually, I am certain.  I get story ideas galore just from satellite images, what I could do with time and actually travelling to these places......I know, I know.  Start where I am, build from there.  I just get impatient.   Truth:  with all of the suffering in our world, my complaint of not having travel money is insignificant, I realize this.  If I can make helping to alleviate any suffering, a part of my travel plans I fully intend to try.  I love the idea of volunteer vacations/working vacations.

Ok, I have much still to accomplish today.  Many thanks for reading my ramblings.

Also, Happy Mother's Day to all.  I leave you with photos of my Grandbabies....and one of my own Mom. I love you Mom.  I think of you every day, and hope that you know that I do.