Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Here's to New Adventures

Happy Spring!  I don't know if I still have any followers that visit my blog, but I hope to woo some back and even have new people visit.  This blog is much beloved by me, and I miss it dearly.  I also miss writing.  I haven't written creatively in far too long.  So what have I been up to you ask?  Working at the library still, and I also work with exchange students through International Student Exchange.  I am looking at some big changes coming up in my life, I hope.  I need to shake things up.  Need some fresh air in my lungs both physically and metaphorically.  Physically, I'm getting outside more.  Taking walks and trying to improve my health.  Metaphorically I am working toward doing more of what I love, and that means more writing.  I am looking into some freelance work, as well as more creative writing.  I will be revisiting my poor book that I have neglected.  I'm sure some more editing is required.  I also have other stories that could be tweaked and may even have one or two that could be publish-able in a magazine, literary journal, or some other outlet.  Of course, I have the ever-present tide of fresh ideas that bubble and surge in my brain.  They buzz around like frantic insects until I free them into a notebook or computer file.  As with many other writers my time is limited and it can be a challenge to use what time I do have in a beneficial way with all of the distractions of life. Speaking of which, we have another blog that is dedicated to our healthier living struggles, and I'm working on setting up a website through Wix for our travels and photography.  This the Mr. is helping on, I can't do it all no matter how hard I try.  :)  I will link that when we get it more into shape.

This photo was taken in Prague, Czech Republic in November, 2016.  This is part of the outer wall of Vysehrad.  An amazing place that I could, and will write much about.  This magical city is inspirational to say the very least.