Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Post! : )

Lately I have found myself distracted.  Distracted by technology is much to blame.  Twitter, facebook, Words With Friends, imdb, all from the comfort of a small handheld device. Not to mention tv.  I just realized.  This is not recent. 

I’ve also been reading more than I’ve been writing.  This is a frustrating truth, but books are great.  I love books.  I just need balance.  That is what I need, balance.  Balance between the day job, my family, reading writing, and sleep.  And life.  I follow enough authors on their blogs, facebook, and Twitter to know that this is a pretty common thing.  I think that we, as a society have become so busy, so inundated with sights and sounds, that we respond by thinking that we have to do it all.  It is all too much.