Monday, September 10, 2012

Maybe I Am A Writer

Writing.  That was my subject last time, and guess what?  I have been doing pretty well.  I started getting up early and writing, only on weekdays though.  Weekends and evenings are for my family.  Early mornings are for writing.  And lo, the book is progressing.  I'm SO excited!  I have my "beta readers" and a critique partner, and I just got a volunteer (whom I trust) to edit for grammar and such.....I think I may just finish in the timeline that I hoped.  I haven't been blogging, but things will hopefully balance out.  I did attend a conference that I still want to blog about....

Oh, and I entered a short story contest over at Figment.  You can read it here.  It is much different than my WIP, and took me away for a little bit, but it was also refreshing, and a big step putting myself out there for potential rejection, even if it is "just" a contest.  *deep breath*