Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh, Yeah....

I HAVE to share this link.....I hope it works. Neil Gaiman did an episode of Arthur. Such a cool one too! I hope you enjoy!

I will be back as soon as I can with Pt. 2 of my previous post. I have a conference half of next week, so not sure when I'll be getting it written and up. Please bear with me. Hey, after having gone so long, at least I got Pt. 1 done. Right? : )

Until then: "Neil Gaiman, what are you doing in my falafel?" Watch it!

Then you can thank me.


  1. My daughter watches Arthur. That was a good episode. Almost as good as the one where William Carlos Williams is in prison shouting "Free verse! Free verse!"

  2. I haven't seen that one. I enjoy Arthur, but don't see it often.

    I love the encouragement and imagination that it(particularly this episode) encourages.