Friday, January 28, 2011

Holy Cow!

So, yes I did. I (ok, almost) fell over yesterday when I saw that I had two neat little lines of followers! Thank you, MotherReader and Lee Wind for the comment challenge. Hopefully those of you who came here through the challenge will not drift away now that it is over. I, in turn 'found' some great new blogs as well. Hooray for the KidLitosphere.

Here at the library everyone 'in charge' is currently concerned with statistics from the past year. The director has a big report to prepare, and everyone has to answer to what they did last year. Guess what I learned yesterday? Yeah, Blogger has stats now. Now I can be all weird and find out things like how many times my blog has been viewed, and from whence came the viewers. Turns out people HAVE actually been reading this thing, or well visiting it at least. Not just from the U.S. either....although my husband is sure that there are plenty of spamish hits accounting for some of this activity, and I'm sure he is right but it is still cool. I think so at least. I do wish more people would comment just to say "hey", especially if they (you) are from a country other than the good ol' U.S.A., I don't even care if you speak English. (Pop this post into a translator and then comment in whatever language you want!) Ok, I'm getting weird now. I'll blame lack of quality sleep. Besides needing a new bed, which we do, we also had fun with the furnace failing to produce heat in the wee small hours of Thursday morning.

I'm off topic....again. The point is that I have been posting here only since last May, and so I think that 10 followers is awesome! Also, I think that having hits from 10 countries including UK and Russia is also awesome. Probably, I use the word 'Awesome' too much.....not sure I care. If it bothers you, let me know. Heck, let me know anything. (within reason, of course.....I don't really want to know about your pet's bathroom habits....unless it is amusing maybe....)

I have a great post all planned.....I just have to make the time, so am hoping for Monday. I'll start on it tonight, if the stars align. Thank you all for making my blog enjoyable. It was good therapy for me anyway getting 'stuff' from my head and onto the magical, mysterious internet. Feedback, and knowing that someone out there in the 'real' world has seen it somehow makes my brain happier. Like sunshine for the soul, and we all need sunshine for our souls.

Speaking of Neil Gaiman (we were, weren't we?), I listened this week to an audio collection of his and was tickled to find a sweet interview with N.G. and his daughter at the end. Very fun, and highly recommended. I promise to speak of other authors for a while. I'm not obsessed, I promise. I just really enjoy his stories. Maybe someday I'll move on to some of his "grown-up" books.....when I get around to it.

Have a wonderful weekend! Much love!

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