Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Storm

Well, having spent the past two days iced in, not leaving the house, didn't even go outside at all yesterday. I tried from the ol' iPhone to post here, but all it would let me do was get so far as the title.....no typing of the body was permitted, which makes me think that perhaps I should try the 'mobile' blogger thing-a-ma-bob. May be great, may suck, but I am going to give it a try....just not today. I am back out in the world today, well, one small part of it. The great news? I'm getting a NEW* bed!! I haven't had a "NEW" bed since I was about 15 and my older sister and I got water beds, so I am super-duper, no, UBER excited! This wonderous item is to be delivered Saturday afternoon, and as I've mentioned, I'm pretty excited about it! Can't wait! Well, I'll have to, but it is hard to be patient, let me tell you. Only two more nights on the poor excuse for a mattress upon which we currently have to sleep. Though, it is better (not much) than the floor, so I should be grateful for having had it to begin with.

OK, that had nothing what-so-ever to do with anything but my personal happiness, so on to other topics.......to be continued....

*By "NEW" I mean never-ever-slept-on-by-another-human-ever-before.

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  1. I've been snowed in too and its been awful!! I hope we both get out soon before we go crazy:)