Friday, February 18, 2011

Seemingly Random

So, the first thing I want to share is this Amazing cover for the upcoming Supernaturally by Kiersten White. Is it not Gorgeous?!  The book may not come out until the end of August, but we can look at the beautiful cover.  It really is pretty, isn't it.  Love the colors, and the lightning on the back cover.  If you have not read Paranormalcy yet, you still have time.  : )  I did review it here

Also, I think it is time to clean my desk.  I have too much stuff in the wrong place and it didn't bother me too much until I just got a papercut on my pinky while trying to answer the phone.  Karma for personal blogging at work, or for having a messy desk?  Both probably.  I shall try to remedy this (the messy desk part)......after lunch.  Or Monday.....
I ordered myself some books this morning.  I neverbutnever buy books for myself, and I thought it was high-time.  Also bought one that I may give away, or may keep.  So that makes me happy, that and the wonderful weather we have been having most of this week.  BEAUTIFUL!  So much better than all previous weeks of the year so far put together!  Not saying much there, but honestly, truly wonderful.  Roughly 60 degrees and SUNSHINE!  Oh, how I LOVE sunshine!!  Now if only my office had a window......

Currently I am reading XVI by Julia Karr, as previously mentioned.  This is her debut novel (it is dystopian, which I don't normally read), and since I received an ARC from her back in November I really should've read it before now.  I started it, but had a couple of other things I was already reading.....then read a couple of other things.  Then I booked her for an author visit at "my" library so I wanted it to be fresh in my head which is why I'm reading it now.  She is coming next Thursday (24th).  Should be fun, and I really hope that lots of people show up, but you just never know with these things. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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