Thursday, August 2, 2012

Writing (again)

Yesterday I took a huge step.  I sent off the first part of my WIP to someone I barely know for a critique.  I'm excited, nervous, scared, embarrassed, and a bit sick.  *deep breath*  It will be fine.  This is why we do this.  Get other perspectives and try to polish our stories up before sending them off again to an agent or editor, or wherever we intend to send them.  (at which time I will be feeling all of the above emotions even stronger)  I think that this fear of having others read your (less than perfect) work is why many wanna be writers will never be published.  I have read statements from absolutely amazing authors who still have this fear, so I'm just going to bite my lip and go for it.  It will never be perfect anyway.

Here is a link to Laurie Halse Anderson's annual WFMAD (write fifteen minutes a day) challenge.  Good reason to get into the BIC (butt-in-chair) routine that I so desperately need.  I shudder to think how long I've been (inconsistently) working on this particular story.  Shocking and really, really embarrassing.  Idonwannatalkaboutit.
This has been a crazy summer.  Despite the heat and drought (my yard is dead. crunchy/fire tinder/really seriously dead....except for a few weeds), which have honestly been the least of my worries.  Well, worries may be too strong a word.  Summer is always busy at my job, public libraries are GREAT places for kids to hang out in the summer!  I am so very glad they do, it is just busy!  Lots of programs, and I am the program lady.  :)  On top of that, however we are buying our house, our daughter got married, and all kinds of other fun things.  Anyone who has bought a house recently will tell you that there are many, many hoops that one must leap through, some of them flaming hoops.  Which reminds me that I forgot to call the nice people at the insurance company back, they need to come take photos of my water heater and breaker box.  (Hoop)

On another subject, my darling granddaughter is now 9 months old.  Nine!  Time flies whether you're having fun or not.  :)  She sure is fun though!  

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