Friday, April 17, 2015

So, A Funny Thing Happened

No, really.  It was a very funny thing.....or not so much.  Once I had a blog that I loved.  I sometimes used this blog to make contact with others.  It was fun.  I miss my blog.  I still write blog posts in my head as I fall asleep sometimes.  *sigh*

So guess what?  I'm back!  (hopefully in a regular way)  Oh blog, how I have missed you.  I perused a couple of past posts.  Not bad.  So how is it that it has been ALMOST TWO YEARS since I have posted?!?!  I'll tell you.  Tis a sad tale.  If you look at the last post you will note that I had sent a query to the literary agent whom I had all but cyber stalked, you know, to make sure I was querying the right one.  Well, as you can imagine, I was rejected, and looking back the book wasn't ready.  It really wasn't.  Really.  Just because my sister and cousin loved it didn't mean it was ready.

So, I did some editing, some re-writing, and then I queried a few more agents at a time....and was rejected.  I just checked my list, and it has only been 8 rejections in total.  What have I been whining about? Time to dust off and get back on that horse!  I still love this book, and think it is worthy, but I have other stories in me that *need* to get out.  I shall get back into a writing routine and set aside time for more revisions and more querying and all of that.  I even have a list of people I'm planning to send to next, so look out literary world, I'm jumping back in.

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  1. Update: I've had more rejections since I posted this, but I am not giving up. I have ideas for more rewrites. I put it aside for a time, and I think the time is right to write and rewrite. :D