Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sometimes, I have a very definite itinerary in my mind for myself in the morning, then I get to Bing, my start page, and there is a beautiful photo. That's it, now I'm sidetracked. I want to know, where is this, can I guess? If it is too easy, I lose interest quickly....unless it is someplace that fascinates me. Let's face it, that covers much of the world. I'm curious, it isn't a crime. : ) I like reading the little facts, and sometimes even follow the links. Most often, I end up on Google maps, (because I like it better than Bing's maps).....have you played with the street view? Just yesterday, I was standing on a beach in Spain, then not 20 minutes later, wandering down a lane that led to the sea in rural Wales. *sigh* Virtual travel. It is not as lame as it sounds....ok, maybe it is, but it is all I can currently afford, and have easy access to it. This morning, I was led away to the Canary Islands, which is why I am not talking about books.

Although, I am currently reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes, by Maureen Johnson. Which fittingly, is a book, and also involves plenty of travel, soo....guess I segued right back. I am really enjoying this book, and also reminding myself that there are great books out there that I generally don't look twice at because I have silly rules, that definitely need to be broken. One of these is my mostly unspoken rule that leans me toward fantasy more than any other genre. I have decided that it would be awful if I never read anything else, and therefore am making more of an effort. I just have a thing for magical creatures and other worlds. I used to have a rule that I would read nothing that is set in a modern time period. I took it one step further by saying I would read nothing that took place this side of WWI. Well, I do like historical fiction. I learned more about the Civil War reading Gone With the Wind, than I did in my high school U.S. History class. (not knocking the class, I had some great teachers in school, I really did) One of my favorite historical writers is Morgan Llywelyn. I can't even begin to touch the subject of her books just yet. We'll have to save that for another day....


  1. Hello! I read your post on Laini Taylor's site today, and I had to pop over and tell you---I try to make converts, too! I pass out her book, Lips Touch, like it's Tylenol or Prozac or chocolate: I'm sure it will fix whatever ails anyone, comforting the heart with beauty and inspiring the soul.
    I'm a wife and mama, too, volunteering at a library and writing when I can. Hope we can encourage each other as we seek our personal legends. :)

  2. Thank you so much Jessica! (you choked me up, I must a good way) It is so nice to meet new people, especially nice, similarly minded ones! The first two thoughts that I had upon finishing Lips Touch were "I need to buy my own copy!" (it was our library's) and "many, many people should read this". When I finished Silksinger, my first thought was pure joy coupled with a tinge of jealousy that went something like "Wow, that was so amazing! I want to be just like Laini!" : )
    Thanks again for the encouragement Jessica. Hope to talk to you much more in the future!