Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Again? Already?

As you may have noticed, I started blogging on Monday after a long intermission filled with much non-blogging activity. Then, another new post yesterday....ok, that was Stephanie Perkins' fault...mostly. Now, another new post. Three days in a row? What is up? Apparently something is up. Last night I even picked up the ol' story and started working on it after a couple of months. (Lisa, you'll be happy, I know!) Who knows, at this rate, I may actually finish the thing someday! Wouldn't that be something?

The topic of the day seems to have been censorship. Here's some links to things I've been reading, which could be a big ol' rabbit hole that might take hours to drag yourself out of. You have been warned. This all started with a trip to BookMoot, which is one of my favorite book blogs. Which then led me to Pete Hautman's blog. Later, I clicked a link on FaceBook that led me to Ellen Hopkin's live journal. In a nutshell, here's what happened. A school system in Texas was planning a "Teen Lit Fest". As one of several authors invited they chose Ellen Hopkins, author of such books as Crank, Burned, and others. Later, after she had accepted, she was un-invited. (You'll have to read the linked blogs if you want more details than that.) Rude. Censorship? Apparently that is debatable. I personally think that if you un-invite someone because a couple of people complained that her books might be unsuitable for some of the kids that will be attending.....kind of sounds censor-y to me. I like the idea of making a panel to discuss the issue a part of the "Teen Lit Fest" instead of attempting to sweep it under a rug. Teens are pretty savvy, they have also heard and seen a lot in this day and age and deserve a chance to make up their own minds. I know that at "our" library Ms. Hopkin's books are very popular. I personally haven't read them, but maybe I should. Also, anyone who thinks to advise others on the potential dangers of a particular book must first read the book in question and form their own opinions. Not solely rely on the word of others.....even if you trust and admire the person who is telling you. They may not have actually read it either.

Ok, that was closer to a rant....but it was about books!

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  1. The oddest thing about this whole episode was that it is reported that one of the jr high librarians kicked this off. (I KNEW it had to have origins in jr. high) Don't know if that is true but if it is I find it mind boggling.

    Seems to me that the time and place to have voiced opposition to Hopkins' visit would have been in the discussion, among the librarians about who to invite to the festival.

    If Hopkins' books are too much for the tender sensibilities of jr. high readers then what about the high school readers in the district. How utterly bizarre.