Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Conferences.......I Like Them

HI!! So, I have recently returned from the annual conference of the "Children & Young Peoples' Division of the Indiana Library Federation"....or CYPD 2010. Now, I know some people dread conferences, but I like them. I always have a good time, and glean plenty of information and ideas to make it worth my while. Plus, my library pays for it, I get to "escape" from the everyday for a little while, and hey, who doesn't like a night in a hotel? (Unless you travel constantly, which I have heard people complain about.....I can't relate....) There are always workshops/sessions with interesting topics, authors, and sometimes an illustrator even. Fun and interesting stuff....for me and others like me all around the state.

This year, the event was held at the Indianapolis Marriott North. I cannot say enough about this hotel. This was my 5th CYPD conference, and by far the swankiest hotel. The bed was heavenly! OH! Don't get me started on that king sized, fluffy, cloud-marshmallow of a bed.......let me wipe away a little tear for the bed-of-my-life that I was forced to leave behind. With much sadness and reluctance did I leave this bed. Did I mention that it was really comfortable? And the food......pretty yummy, and multiple desserts.....oh yeah....

Where was I? OH. Sorry. I drifted away.

Sunday, after the brief welcome, there was a talk given by Fredrick McKissack Jr. on the subject of Profanity in YA Literature. I found Mr. McKissack to be very articulate and entertaining. His book Shooting Star has apparently already been challenged in relation to this very subject. To sum up what most of us already know, he was writing about boys. Teenage boys, especially on a football (or other sport) team, away from "grown ups".....well, they use profanity. Often profusely. In fact, one young reader commented to his parents that he thought Mr. McKissack actually toned things down. I believe that what he said about finding the voice of your character and being true to that is very important. That is how teenagers talk, especially among their peers. I don't see the need to sugar coat the language of teens in books meant for teens. It just doesn't make sense. Teens only sugar coat their language (mostly) when talking to parents, teachers, pastors, and such.

That evening, after attending sessions on Anime/Manga clubs and Guys Read...and a delicious dinner, we heard from author Jack Gantos. This was painful a couple of times as only a rich belly-laugh on a full stomach can be. This guy is funny! Mr. Gantos is also full of interesting stories, as any good author should be. I have decided to read more of his work. I'll keep you posted, of course. I bought my son one of the Jack Henry books to have signed. (another first, I have previously not stood in line for author signings at these things)

The next morning, after a very pleasant night's sleep in a really good bed (did I already mention that?), the general session was on Gaming at the Library with Beth Gallaway. She discussed many types of games, and program options. Later, I attended a session on using art in children's programs. This was fun, nothing revolutionary, but good ideas. Also, she brought up some excellent points on not squashing a kid's creativity.

Our lunch speaker was author April Pulley Sayre. I had seen her a few years ago, but she is very fun, and writes non-fiction.....two things that don't always go together. Her books are very entertaining though. Yesterday at a program I read Bird, Bird, Bird, and it was a hit! I also had her sign a couple of books for the library. I really enjoy meeting authors....especially the fun, friendly type. I am a bit sorry that I didn't have Mr. McKissack's book to get signed. I did request that we get it for our YA section though.

That leads me to another reason that it has taken me all week to get this post done. Blog reading. Yes, it is great, and I get a lot of great book ideas to request that we get, but it does take time. I'm keeping current with YA and children's books though, so it is sort of work.....I know, I know, I need balance. I also need to clean my office. Soon. And my house....don't get me started. I am going to be a fabulous procrastinator someday.

Back to the conference. I also attended a session on making book trailers. Super fun, I think I may have to try it sometime. If you aren't familiar with book trailers, here is a link to one. Oooh, and this one too!

And I'll leave you with those. Hope everyone is having a wonderful end-of-summer. Also, hope to post again soon......I have Books.....multiple books that I still want to tell you about! : )

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