Monday, May 9, 2011

In Which I am Trying To Keep My Brain From Exploding

I am currently in a frenzy of sensor overload.  Thank you, Internet.  But it is wonderful, and I am going to share it with you.  Firstly, a link to Neil Gaiman's Journal in which if you experience nothing else, please watch the video for Because the Origami.  Beautiful.  Maybe I'm just in a state, but I found it wonderful, though sad.  I was going to just try and post the video, but thought that that may lead to questions, and so I would just direct you to the source.  You're welcome.  : )

Next, a brilliant, amazing, and so-much-better-than-I-could-say article about why picture books are amazingly wonderful by Allyn Johnston and Marla Frazee at The Horn Book.  For anyone who does not see the value in picture books, please, please, PLEASE read this!  Please.  (Also, anyone who thinks "picture books are great for small children, but then we grow up and on to other things never looking back.")

I also found this fascinating post about Fairy Tales, and why they hold such magic for us, and had to share.  In addition to fairy tales she (Zoe Marriott) shares about her older sister and an incident that changed her life.  So amazing how a seemingly simple thing can alter someone's entire being.....for better or for worse.  (Just one reason to be nice to your sister.) 

And now, something I wrote Saturday:

I was cleaning out my purse yesterday, when I came across this awesomeness written in my tiny journal that I keep in there.  “People always say they can’t do things, that they’re impossible.  They just haven’t been creative enough.”  “Never say something can’t be done.  There’s always a solution, even if it’s weird.” –Maureen Johnson (via Aunt Peg) in The LastLittle Blue Envelope
 (also, go buy this book....see this post for more)

I love this.  It sums up my outlook on life pretty well.  Most of the time at least.  : )  I think that we really can do anything we put our minds to.  Obviously we can’t change the laws of physics, I don’t think I’ll ever really fly like an eagle (without mechanical aid at least), but the fact that we can use devices like hang gliders, squirrel suits and such to get as close as we can to the feeling of autonomous flight is incredible.  Of course, I am terribly afraid of heights.  I have always felt that if I could fly, like an eagle, or on the back of a dragon or gryphon or such that I would quickly overcome this fear.  I do not, however feel that I will overcome it any other way. 

I honestly had no intention of saying most of that last paragraph when I started this…….guess it wanted to be said.  What really perplexes me about the above paragraph is the word ‘hang gliders’ Microsoft Word doesn’t like it.  It wants me to say ‘Han gliders’.  Now I’m going to have to look that up.  *sigh* A blogger’s work is never done, I guess.  I wouldn’t want inaccuracies abounding.  Of course, I’m sure I make plenty of mistakes, especially grammatical, but I don’t always care.  Sometimes you want a sentence fragment, you know?  Sometimes I may not know all of the rules, and sometimes I just choose to ignore them.  I do try to spell correctly though.  We must have standards, mustn’t we? (*note:  after looking it up, I did change it to two words, having had it incorrect, but Word was wrong too! originally I had 'hangliders')  

Back to my “Pollyanna” outlook on life.  What’s wrong with being optimistic?  Where is it written that being realistic has to be negative?  That is a pessimist’s logic, and they are the ones who don’t do the coolest stuff, because they “can’t”.  Phooey on that.  I say I can write a book, or several, and that is what I shall do.  I say I will get to visit at least one other continent before I die or the world ends, and I mean to.  Maybe I’ll visit them all before it is over.  I know a very lovely couple who have spent time on every continent, why not?  Yep, I’m reaffirming my belief that I will travel outside of North America…..someday.  I’d better get cracking too, since the Mayans tell us the world has only another year and a half or so left.  ; )  Which would really stink since I was shooting for my first over seas trip to coincide with my 25th wedding anniversary, which isn’t until 2015.  Shucks.  

Some photos of places I'd like to go, and have seen.....mostly on Google Maps street view.....see this post
I don't remember the name of this town, sadly.


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