Friday, January 6, 2012

First Blog Post of 2012!

Well, for ME at least.  : )

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Albeit a little bit late.  Hey, it is only the 6th, so that's not too bad!  I'm actually proud of myself.  Wait, I've not posted since when?  The last time I shared a book was WHEN?  oh....

I am happy to say that things are going well, and I am SUPER excited about the year to come!  My little Grandbaby is now 2 months old, and smiling and cooing and all those adorable baby things that wrap us around their cute little pinky fingers.  She is definitely a blessing and the absolute best thing about 2011.

So it IS that time of year when our dear MotherReader issues her annual Comment Challenge.  The kick in the you-know-what I needed to get back here on a more regular basis.  Much thanks to her and Lee Wind for all they do out there in the blogosphere.  If you aren't familiar with either of them......that's what the links are for.

Happily, I have been reading throughout this whole blogging drought.  The most recent book I finished was just a few days ago.  I fully intend that to be my next post.  Maybe I'll even tell you about more than one book!  Crazy, I know.  One thing at a time.  : )

Welcome to newcomers, and hello to you who've been here before!
I've missed you, you look great!

Grandma's Sweetie


  1. Hi and to Grandma's sweetie, too :)

  2. Wonderful picture! Congratulations on the new granddaughter!

  3. Oh, she's so cute! Congratulations!

  4. Thank you, thank you. And now for something...completely different.

  5. Thanks for doing the Comment Challenge! It looks like you've been busy with something - someone, really important, so blog breaks are most certainly excused.