Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Cool Things, and Some *sigh* Things

My sweet Grandbaby and her parents are moving out.  Moving into their own place.  A bittersweet, but overall good thing.  I no longer get to see/smooch/cuddle the little pumpkin every morning, evening, and lunchtime.  But they have their own space, and the visits will be more special, right?  I am happy for my "kids".  The house they are moving into is the house we moved into when my daughter was a baby, so that is a very cool thing.  It is back in the family now after being "bought on contract" (read that "trashed and moved out of") for almost two years.  Much cleaning and painting has been going on. 
On another note, I am still getting (or trying anyway) more organized in my life, and in doing so I realized that there are AT LEAST a dozen books that I REALLY WANT to blog about that I didn't get to.  In the mean time, I want to share this interview with Kiersten White, author of  Paranormalcy, Supernaturally, and this year's Endlessly.  It is a hoot!  : )  (image borrowed from the author's aforelinked blog)

The reason I have so many books that I read, loved, and didn't blog about is pretty simple, I get busy and forget things.  Also, I want to do justice to them and not just throw something up. (to be continued...)


  1. I saw you on the Comment Challenge and I thought I would say "hi".

  2. I discovered your blog through the comment challenge, as well.
    What a neat thing that your daughter moved into your old house with her family - it will make your visits extra special. Good luck with your writing.

  3. You have a beautiful grand-baby and what a blessing that they now have their own home.