Friday, January 20, 2012

Grrr.....and Sigh

I spent a good portion of my life today on a lovely post about a lovely book, and it is gone.  Completely.  Anyone else having blogger issues today?  *sigh*  SO, I think I will work on my post for my library's blog, and re-do this one....which was quite nice, or at least nicer than this later.  At some point over the weekend.  I am just frustrated.  It wouldn't be good.

While your here though, let me direct you to this amazing blog.  I read this yesterday, and was very moved.  This is how I have tried to live, and raise my kids to live, and he writes it so very well.  Thanks for stopping in.  Be well, and please do check back with me later.


  1. I learned the hard way that I need to type my reviews somewhere else first--usually in Word. I have lost more than a few reviews that way. Sorry that happened--I know how frustrating that can be. Best wishes!

  2. Thanks. I think it may have been totally user error...maybe. Life goes on. :)